Brutality will prevail - Lost and alone

Musikgewordener Fatalismus aus England, der mit Lyris noch besser zur Geltung

Everything was perfect, but my mind plays tricks on me
knowing I'm making the wrong choice
you were there in my mind. Blinded by a clear day
my sleeping eyes can't see, you're always there for me
I wish my trust was as strong as yours
I wish our love could last one more day
Hold me close. Don't fade away
In a state of mind everything is grey
Nothing makes this right. I'm lost and alone
Nothing makes me smile, crying keeps me alive
Too many chances. I'm lost and alone

Wrong choice, I've fucked up again
Wrong choice, I've fucked up again

The best day of my life, will be the day I die
So take me back to the same old place that we both found
and we will dig a hole into the ground
and spend the rest of our life, never alone